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If you are looking to get dentures, you’ve come to the right place. Denturists at Dentures By Design have been providing top-quality dental services since 1984. Our professional denturists are licensed and work using the latest products and techniques. You can count on them to provide you with exceptional denture services.

Our 5-step Process

1. Free consultation with the denturist to determine your treatment plan
2. Appointment with denturist to take measurements and impressions
3. Laboratory works on denture
4. Appointment to pick up denture
5. Call to set up free adjustments as needed

    • These guys are the best around! I know lots who have had wonderful experiences from them. They are very fast at what they do and they strive for perfection. They are located in Boise, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. They will take great care of you and you will have a wonderful experience with them. Give them a call!
    • I had a very bad smile. My teeth were very crooked with lots of spaces and not very pretty. I cannot believe what an amazing job they did and how fast they made my partials. I look so beautiful now and I am so grateful for the denturist and his wife. They are an amazing team and the work they do is outstanding. I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to smile again without covering my mouth. God bless you and thank you!
    • Why did I wait? This is the way you want your work to be done. I called, got an estimate, went in and was served quickly. What they said was the way it went. The price was the price. The work done is excellent. I came back when they said they would be done and everything was waiting for me. I noticed everyone there is smiling big all the time. That is how I left: with my happy smile on. Thanks Fred!
    • Giovanini and his staff at this place are incredible. I've been to other denturists and Dentures by Design is far and above the best quality staff and dentures that I have encountered. I highly recommend these folks!

    Nampa Location

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