Dentures at Great Prices

Are you looking for the best quality at the best price? You’ve come to the right place! We’re proud to offer top-of-the-line dentures at a competitive price.

Welcome To Our Clinic

We provide top-quality denture services at affordable prices!

Licensed Denturists

Denturist are highly trained clinicians that fabricate, fix, and restore dentures and partials directly to public.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee from the day of delivery. (25% non refundable lab fee)


We require $200.00 deposit per plate to begin. Balance is due at the time of service or delivery of dentures. Insurance welcome.

Immediate Dentures

There is an additional $250.00 fee for each immediate denture. This will need to be done after 9-12 months from extraction date. Denture must have a final reline for proper fit.


We offer free consultations. Missed appointments for same day dentures will result in standard 3 appointment procedure. We will no longer provide services after 3 missed appointments without cancellation.

New dentures the same day by appointment at no extra charge!


Full Set: Upper & Lower Dentures

European Deluxe $2800.00
High Quality $2200.00
Quality $1700.00

Single: Upper or Lower Denture

European Deluxe $1400.00
High Quality $1100.00
Quality $850.00

Full Set: Immediate Dentures (First Time Denture)

European Deluxe $3000.00
High Quality $2400.00
Quality $1900.00

Single: Immediate Denture (First Time Denture)

European Deluxe $1500.00
High Quality $1200.00
Quality $950.00

Partial: Single Plate

Flexible Partial $1300.00
Vitallium Partial $1300.00

Maintenance, Repairs, and Extras

Single Reline $250.00 Process Implants (1) $130.00
Soft Reline $400.00 Implant Gasket (2) $90.00
Single Jump Reline $350.00 Same Tooth Repair $75.00
Temporary Reline $100.00 Mesh Reinforce $300.00
(Not our Denture/Per Appointment)
$85.00 Repairs $135.00

Contact Us

Call us today to schedule your FREE dental consultation! We offer same-day dentures and denture relines by appointment. Same day walk-in repairs are also available.

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